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EMDR Consultation

Are you a therapist who has completed EMDR Basic Training? Are you looking to expand your EMDR practice to work with complex cases, attachment wounds, addiction/substance-use disorders, and dissociation? Are you working towards EMDR Certification?

I am an EMDR Approved Consultant and EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs (HAP) Basic Training Facilitator. I currently offer three levels of EMDR Consultation:

Basic Training Consultation for EMDR HAP

EMDR Consultation

Advanced EMDR Consultation

A little about myself as a Consultant – I am a therapist in private practice. Prior to private practice, I worked in victim services, community mental health centers, substance use disorder recovery programs, and homeless services settings. I work primarily with complex trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, co-occurring disorders, and dissociation. I have a specialty in working with survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking.


I love learning and strive to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in EMDR therapy. I have advanced trainings in EMDR centered on integrating attachment-styles, ego-state techniques, and addiction protocols. In addition to EMDR, I regularly integrate somatic modalities (Sensorimotor Psychotherapy & Certified Yoga Teacher) and ego-state work in my practice.

My style as a therapist is relational, and I try to bring this style to my consultation. If you are pursuing certification, I will work with you to learn more about your clinical interests and assist you develop a learning plan to develop expertise as an EMDR therapist tailored to your clinical goals.

I offer both individual or group consultation via telehealth or in-person meetings.

If you are looking to bring a consultation group to your agency or private practice setting, I can work with you to create a schedule or regular consultation support onsite or via telehealth. I can also work with small groups to create a consultation group that works to meet your specific needs.


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